Who can apply for grants?

  • Host of a CISV project/program to be held in the Asia Pacific region between APRW 2019 and APRW 2020. The project/program must be endorsed by its NA/PA. This project/program must comply with the Global Hosting Plan and has CISV program numbers (such as P-2019-XX).
  • Regional Chair.

Grant Priorities for 2019

  • Outreach project (MOSAIC and IPP)
  • Junior Branch regional project
  • Risk Management training
  • APRW/JASPARC 2019 and 2020 (to be applied by Regional Chair)
  • Promotional project in the Asia Pacific region (to be applied by Regional Chair)
  • Replacement of the program cancellation (to be applied by Regional Chair)

Grant Application Details:

PACE Foundation will grant up to 50% of the project’s total budget (grant for replacement of the program cancellation will be under different criteria.)

  • Submit a concise proposal (one or two pages) describing the project. Explain what you hope to accomplish and how the project will benefit CISV, the Region, NA/ PA, or Chapter. Include a timetable of when the project will begin and end with defined objectives. Indicate the person (s) responsible for implementing the project.For outreach projects, MOSAIC Project Worksheet or IPP Action Plan Form must be attached.
  • Attach a budget showing anticipated Revenue and Expenditures. Indicate the amount and source of matching funds.

Where to send Grant Application Form

Send via email to the president of PACE Foundation at

When is the deadline for grant applications?

Grant applications are accepted until Feb. 23, 2019 (one month before the start of APRW 2019) and the result of the application will be announced during APRW 2019.

Reporting Responsibility

A brief narrative report with pictures must be submitted to the PACE Foundation upon completion of the project (no later than 60 days (or 30 days in case of Option 2) after project completion) together with financial statement and copies of the receipts showing how the funds were disbursed. Also, a short presentation about the project will be requested at the PACE Foundation session in APRW 2020.